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Frequently Asked Questions

Mom & Baby Fitness in St. Vital Park, Winnipeg

What if my baby cries and fusses during class?

Babies cry. This is normal. You will be working out with other babies, who also cry. You are welcome to tend to baby as needed during class (holding, feeding, nursing, changing, etc.) You are also welcome to let your baby cry and fuss while you workout. This is your hour. Do what you are comfortable with. There are also many opportunities to move with babies and interact with babies during class!

Can I use a baby carrier (baby wear) during class?

Yes! If your baby prefers to be worn during class, the instructor will give you modifications so you can workout while wearing baby. Some participants will bring a carrier along and if baby is not enjoying the stroller, then they will switch to the carrier. If you don't have a carrier with you and baby just wants to be held for a bit, the instructor can also give you modifications so you can continue working out while holding baby. 


Do I need a jogging stroller for Stroller Fitness classes?

No. Any stroller will work. Choose one that baby is comfy in and that you enjoy pushing. We do not run with strollers during class. Double strollers are also welcome.

Can I bring more than 1 child to class?

Absolutely! Bring all your kids! We welcome children of any age. Our goal is to provide a space for moms and other caregivers to be active with their children in tow. 

Are Peg Family Fitness classes only for moms?

No! We welcome anyone at our classes. Dads and other caregivers are welcome to attend as are non-parents.

What if I miss a class?

We understand that life with children is hectic. Participants can pre-arrange with Steph to attend a make-up class. Participants can do a maximum of 2 make-up classes per session and they must occur during the same session that the original classes were missed. Availability of make-up classes cannot be guaranteed. 

What is your cancellation policy?

In most cases a credit toward a different class or different session will be given. Refunds will only be given for medical reasons. 

If Peg Family Fitness cancels a class, compensation will be given in the form of a make-up class, an online class, or a refund (depending on the circumstance).

What if I can't afford classes but I really want to attend?

If you are a student, un-waged, or low-income we are happy to offer a pay-what-you-can option for many of our classes. Just send Steph an email at

What can I expect at a Stroller Fitness class?

Stroller Fitness classes provide an opportunity for you to workout with your baby and/or young children at your side. Each Stroller Fitness class includes cardio drills, strength training, flexibility, pre/postnatal-specific core exercises, and a few movement-based songs for the babies. Opportunities are provided during class to move with the strollers. Babies are welcome to be in strollers, in carriers, on mats/blankets, or held during these classes. These classes also provide an opportunity to connect with other parents!

What is the difference between a Stroller Fitness class and a Baby & Me Fitness class?

The main difference between these classes is the space where they take place. A Stroller Fitness class takes place in a gym so there is room for babies to be in strollers. Strollers are sometimes used as part of the exercises during class! A Baby & Me Fitness class takes place in a smaller room so strollers will not be used in class. Babies can be on blankets on the floor, in baby chairs or carseats, or in baby carriers!

What is Stroller Yoga Fitness?

Each Stroller Yoga Fitness class provides the strength, flexibility, and relaxation benefits of yoga with the cardio-vascular benefits of fitness intervals! Cardio intervals with be low-impact with options given for intensity. Options will be given to move with strollers for the cardio portion of the class - perfect for those babies that love to move. These classes will also include postnatal specific core and pelvic floor work. Classes also include a few movement-based songs for the babies and an opportunity to connect with other parents!

What can I expect at a Baby & Me Yoga Class?

Enjoy the benefits of yoga with baby at your side! These yoga classes will increase your flexibility, strengthen your body, and also provide the opportunity for relaxation and breath work. Classes also include core work specific to the postnatal body. Each class will end with songs and rhymes for the babies. Come and meet other families in the community!

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